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New Milford Early Leaning Center and Daycare is small and family oriented. After much research, the ELC has adopted some aspects of Creative Curriculum Along with Learning Without Tears and Handwriting Without Tears. 

Creative Curriculum is a holistic, child-centered program that offers age-appropriate, hands-on learning experiences for our students. Our goal is to guide children through play and exploration to become self reliant, confident and enthusiastic learners. 

Learning Without Tears and Handwriting Without Tears was designed with children in mind, the multisensory and developmental instruction was simple and highly effective for all children and teachers. The Pre-K program, Get Set for School, allows numbers and letter sounds to dance across our classroom. We are introduced to our favorite hero, Mat Man. This curriculum makes sure all children have all the tools they need to express their thoughts, step by step, letter by letter. It helps our students find the heart of every letter and inspire a love of learning. 

We will observe our students to adapt our lesson plans to their needs and interests. We want all parents to be informed and aware of the activities within the classroom as well as how parents can reinforce these goals and objectives at home. Our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards

Learning Center Features

  • Infant Care
  • Toddler Care
  • Preschool
  • PreK.
  • School Aged Summer Camp Programs
  • Excellent Curriculum
  • CPR Certified Staff
  • Large outside playground
  • Large inside gym area
  • Learning without tears
  • Handwriting without tears
  • and so much more!

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737 River Rd.
New Milford, New Jersey


Monday – Friday
7am – 6pm

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